Friday, July 3, 2009

3 in 1: Guest Garden, Plant Profile, and a Shout Out

It has been 100 degrees here for what seems like a month straight, with no rain, so my garden isn't looking too great and I've been slacking on my garden blogging duties! This is a 3 for 1 post to make up for lost time!
First, a Guest Garden. This is the Chattanooga garden of my mother in law, Cindy:
Can you believe these HUGE, lush hostas? I'm jealous! Luckily, she's offered to share some with me next spring.
My in-laws are Floridians at heart, and this Sago Palm they keep trying to grow is proof! It dies back every winter, and this year Cindy thought for sure it was goners until she discovered this new growth.
The bottle tree she asked for for Mother's Day (and my father in law bought her!), after seeing mine! They're big in Mississippi, and I bet she's going to start a trend in Tennessee! She has the coolest idea for changing out the bottles to match the seasons (red and green for Christmas, etc.).
This is their front yard. Isn't it beautiful??
Pink calla lilies - so pretty! She said critters got the rest of them this year.
She always admires Mexican petunia in Florida and Mississippi. We're not sure if it will be perennial in Chattanooga, but I bought her some at a Master Gardeners plant sale here this spring, and it's blooming.
Hope you enjoyed Cindy's garden! Now for Part 2 of this post: Plant Profile.
I recently showed a picture of a young flower on my Pink Double Delight Coneflower, and lots of you oohed and aahed over it. Below are pictures of the plant and a close-up of the flower at maturity, in all its fluffiness.
It's a much smaller plant than a purple coneflower; about a foot or foot and a half tall. It's just as drought tolerant once established, but it was a little harder to establish - I spring-planted it three years ago and this is the first year it's done well. I ordered it online from the Crownsville Nursery. I've seen them in a lot of garden catalogs but never at a garden center.
And now for Part 3: A Shout Out. Do y'all know KMG? She's a master gardener with a great blog. Anyway, she saw sedum on my wish list and offered to mail me some! How nice is that?!
And then I get the package, and it turns out she sent me a huge variety, expertly packaged in plastic baggies with moist straw to retain moisture without rotting! Some were bareroot, and others were cuttings. I stuck most of it in pots (the cuttings dipped in rooting hormone) for the time being, since it's just about too hot to establish anything in the ground. It's all thriving two weeks later.
How special to have a plant from a garden blogger's grandmother! Thank you, KMG!!
P.S. Gracie wanted me to thank you for the box, er, I mean her new bed, too!


Susie said...

Nice post Ginger. That cone flower is a beauty and so is Gracie!

How nice to have received plants from a blogger friend.

Happy 4th!

Janet said...

Love the Sago palm Ginger..good for them to give it a go in their garden!
What a nice treat to receive plants from another blogger!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Your MIL has beautiful gardens! I love her front yard and those hostas!
Your Double Delight is so pretty! I've never seen it before. I love all the new Coneflowers coming out.
Happy 4th!

Ginger said...

Susie- Thanks! Gracie is a sweetie. I'll try to propogate some of that coneflower for you since you're so nearby!

Janet- I'm amazed at how we can push the limits of our zones by mulching in the winter, etc.

Catherine- I have another "new" coneflower that I'll feature soon -it's first fluffy bloom isn't mature quite yet. Happy 4th to you too!

Dirt Princess said...

What a great yard!!!! That was so sweet of her to mail you that!!! I have been wanting to send you some stuff, but wasn't sure about how to go about it...I think she mastered the technique. I am going to take notes, and send you some things

Anonymous said...

Your MIL has a beautiful garden and I love her bottle tree! I didn't realize your could buy them, always figured most people made theirs. :) It's been about the same type of weather here too, makes keeping everything green & lush a bit of a challenge huh? Thanks for showing that Mexican Petunia. I've been seeing it around here in my neighbor's yards for sometime & really love it.

Dave said...

Sedums are fun to grow! The bottle tree thing is big in Tennessee. I don't have one myself but go visit Tina ( and you'll see quite a few, she loves them! That coneflower is pretty cool, I'm not a big fan of the fluffy looking one's usually but that one looks more coneflower-like.

KMG said...

Boy, I've been so busy in the garden that I've gotten behind on my blog reading. thanks for the shout out and tell Gracie I'm glad she likes her nap place. Aren't cats just the best? I'm trying that tomato pie - reminds me of a salad I make with tomato slices layered with fresh basil and Mozzarella cheese drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Rosemarie said...

I love that pink calla lilly in her yard -- I've only seen these in pots around easter time!

And I agree, I like the double stuff echinicea (sp?). I just planted some this year that I got from my local arboretum plant sale and they have taken well.

Love your cat!