Sunday, November 28, 2010

Late November Updates

Happy late Thanksgiving, everyone! Apparently my new MO is to post once a month... so here's the end-of-November update.
The yard looks pretty drab, but there are touches of fall/winter color, such as hollies, camellias, and pineapple sage (the latter will go dormant after our first bad frost):

The vegetable garden is a mix of old and new. Lettuce and carrots, recently planted from seed, will grow all winter here:

Remnants of the summer garden are still hanging on. All of the eggplant and hot pepper plants have TONS of blooms right now. I don't know if anything will make it to fruition this late, though.

I'm still getting a few bell peppers and sungold tomatoes - just enough for a couple of omelets a week.

Our first hard freeze last year was right around December 1. The weather here has been crazy lately. It was 70+ on Thanksgiving day and about 45 on the next!
54 more days until the baby gets here (if she comes on her due date!), so I probably won't be getting much more gardening done in the next few months. I planted some pansies and I'm going to keep sowing lettuce seeds every few weeks. There may not be much to show (or see), but I'll check in again soon. Have a great week!