Friday, August 21, 2009

You win some, you lose some

Today's harvest: more yellow pear tomatoes, a bell pepper for omelets tomorrow (there are tons more!), and the first black krim tomato:

I am not kidding you - this black krim was the best tomato I have ever tasted by far.
Well, not everything in the garden can go so well. My squash got a massive FAIL for the year and were thrown out after the second set of borers infested the same plants. We picked the one watermelon last weekend, and unfortunately...
Oh no! I followed all of the rules! The nearest tendril was dead, the skin was hardening, the spot turned from white to yellow, and it sounded hollow.
Did I mention the cucumbers suddenly appear to be suffering from the start of wilt? Man!!
Tomorrow's project: turning 2500 lbs of stone into a pond border and probably a bunch of other stuff. I'll show you the results on Sunday! Have a great weekend!


Laura Z said...

I love that black krim tomato, I gotta try some next year. Glad I found you on blotanical!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

The tomato looks great. I want to try some black tomatoes next year.
I can't wait to see how your pond turns out. You are just going to love having it! The pond in our yard is my favorite part.

Janet said...

I feel for you and the watermelon.. we tried to grow some in Texas. oh well.
Wish I could taste your Black Krim.
Watch out for your back with all that stone work ahead!

Carol said...

Ginger...Did you see that everyone who entered the drawing on my blog for a Cobrahead weeder wins one? Pls. send me an email so I can get you the info on how to get yours. Thanks!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens