Monday, December 14, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - December 2009

When I told my husband I was going to do my Bloom Day post, he responded "we have stuff blooming?!" Well, it's certainly not a record number of blooms, but our warm climate allows us these beauties in December:
Here is one of the three Camellias that is blooming:

The Mexican Bush Sage was mostly killed by the recent snow, but a few bloom stalks were shielded by the eaves of the house and remain:

The second of the three Camellias, with a very slow-moving bee (?):
I have these pansies in a brick planter that is built onto the front of the house:
A sole black eyed susan is holding on:
I couldn't believe the snow didn't destroy the iris bud that became this flower... It's a tough iris! Blooming for the third time this year!
Last of today's Camellias:
Here are two miniature roses I grow in a pot together:

Last but not least, inside there is a Thanksgiving Cactus beginning to bloom (Thanks to Randy for the ID. I thought it was a Christmas Cactus!):

Visit Carol at May Dreams Garden for more December blooms from around the world.


Randy Emmitt said...

All these camellias are beautiful and my garden would enjoy having such beauties. I can not believe that iris blooming three times a tear unbelievable!

The cactus you have is actually a Thanksgiving Cactus. Christmas Cactus's do not have sharp points one the side lobes.

Ginger said...

Randy - Thanks for the info on the cactus! I fixed it in the post!

WashingtonGardener said...

I'm sighing over all these GBBD camellias - NEED to buy several for my garden next year - or maybe Santa will bring me some!

Susie said...

I have to thank Randy too. I never knew there was such thing as a Thanksgiving cactus. I use to have one just like yours and called it a Christmas cactus. Learn something new everyday. Love it!

Jennifer Tidwell said...

I love living in Mississippi where there is not much snow and we have flowers all year long.

I'm not a fan of winter, but it's nice to take a break from the oppressive heat of summer for a few months.

Rose said...

It's amazing that you have had snow, while here in central Illinois we've only had a few flurries. Yet your garden looks lovely, unlike my frozen, muddy mess. The camellias are gorgeous--definitely a plant I wish we could grow in zone 5!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Wow, Ginger, you have a lot blooming despite naughty weather. I found your blog via Carol's links, and will be back to visit again soon.

Town Mouse said...

Happy bloom day! Interesting, I have a cactus just like that, only it's halfway done blooming. Have to read your post about them.

Dan said...

Great blooms law lady :-)

Gail said...

beautiful blooms Ginger...I know you're further south then Nashville~~but that iris is surely surprise. I think I see a need for a few more camellias here. I only have one. Yours are lovely. gail

Dreamybee said...

I had no idea about the Thanksgiving cactus either! You still have quite a lovely collection of flowers-all those pinks and purples go together beautifully. I have a picture of one of your namesakes (ginger) up on my GBBD post today!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Those Camellias are so pretty! I love the first one, it almost looks like a rose. I'd just heard of reblooming irises this summer, but no idea they'd bloom 3 times.

Jean said...

You've but many lovely blooms. But I can hardly believe that iris! Surely that's not normal for this time of the year, right? Wow!

Ginger said...

Washington Gardener: Mine all came with the house - that's one (the only?!) good thing about living in a rickety old house!

Susie: Isn't that interesting?!

Jennifer: I agree. I don't like extreme temperatures of either kind. Hope you got some of that rare (for Miss.) snow recently! It's fun when you only have to deal with it for a few hours once every few years!

Rose: The weather here is crazy. Some days this December, it's been 70 degrees. A lot of my perennials can't decide whether they are supposed to go dormant... hope that isn't going to hurt them.

jodi - thanks! I post about once a week. come back soon!

Town Mouse - thanks for visiting my blog! enjoy your cactus - I love how they bloom for awhile!

Dan - Thanks! Happy GBBD!

Gail - That iris is crazy! I just planted it this spring and wasn't even sure it would bloom ONCE this year!

Dreamybee - I like the pinks and purples, too, though I associate them more with spring. Guess I sholdn't!

Catherine - That camellia bush has been blooming for a month straight and has many more bulbs. It's about 8 feet tall and I love it!

Jean - I don't think it's normal, either!! I haven't done anything to it! Just plopped it in a partially sunny, crappy soil spot back this spring. Who knows?!

Ginger said...

Catherine - er, I meant BUDS not bulbs!! Obviously!

Prairie Chicken... said...

like WTF! I know I know, you live in a milder climate than me but seriously... flowers blooming in December. That's just crazy talk.

Janet said...

great collection of blooms Ginger!! I love that white camellia.