Thursday, January 21, 2010

Survivors of the Arctic Blast

A few of my veggies survived, including these shallots:

Interestingly, the taller sugar snap pea vines (right) died, but the babies are fine:

A few (pitiful looking) romaine lettuce starts remain:

Daffodils, of course, weren't fazed at all:

Crocosmia imitated the peas - older foliage died (see bottom right), but the little ones stalwartly carried on:

I was thrilled to find these tiny signs of life on a clematis planted last year:

While cataloguing the survivors, I also did a little cleanup of the not-so-lucky. I cut down the black-eyed susans and harvested some seeds:

When I uploaded this picture, I was surprised to see a couple of white cat hairs in with the seeds. I guess a good camera reveals more than the naked eye!


Phillip said...

Isn't it thrilling to see those bright green shoots emerging? Spring will be here soon.

Janet said...

I think it is funny to see some things that the camera picks up that the naked eye misses.
Glad to see you have some sprouts coming's to spring!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It looks like your garden did great during your cold weather. I found a Sweet Pea sprouting where I planted it last year!
Your pictures are great, aren't new cameras fun?!

Jean said...

I found on some of my bushes that the leaves that are higher up are fine but the lower ones are freeze damaged. Seems strange. I hope to see some signs of life in my clematis like you have. I'll be awfully disappointed if they don't make it as I've been babying them for a couple of years! All in all, looks like the damage wasn't TOO severe in your garden, whew!

Becca's Dirt said...

Isn't it a good feeling to see signs of new life in the gardens.

Beautiful photos. Good luck.

I am so thrilled about my new gloves and the seeds you sent. You are so kind Ginger.