Friday, February 26, 2010

Fertilizer Friday and a Mystery Friend

It's Fertilizer Friday and I finally have a few spring blooms to share! Join in the Fertilizer Friday fun at Tootsie Time.

Crocuses must be the most reliable bulbs I have. They bloom every year with no care, and the squirrels don't bother them. I have terrible luck with daffodils, which should be the easiest thing on earth to grow here. Thank goodness for crocuses or I'd probably have given up on bulbs.

Grape hyacinths are pretty reliable as well. I love their scent! I don't mind the foliage either. It drives my mom crazy to get so much foliage for such small blooms. Ha.

A new daffodil. None of my old ones came up. Last year they were just foliage, and this year they are gone!

Another cheery crocus glowing in the sun.

This camellia has been blooming since OCTOBER. Seriously. People keep asking me what kind it is and I have no idea. It's obviously very old and predates my home ownership! (Stay tuned for the spring-blooming camellia - it is literally twice the size of this one - and I know that's hard to believe!)

That's all for blooms, but check this out. Last weekend I was bird-watching out the window and a huge HAWK flew through the yard! Keep in mind I live in a very suburban area. We don't see birds of prey in our neighborhood often! I ran outside with my camera (in my Snoopy PJs) and chased it down the block. I know my neighbors thought I was nuts standing in the street in front of their houses pointing my camera at the sky!

This photo was taken from crazy far away, and I was so shocked and pleased it turned out this well. We can't tell from the photo if it is a broadwing hawk or a red-shouldered hawk. I just know it was massive and looked like something out of Jurassic Park flying through my yard!


Randy Emmitt said...


It is a red-tailed Hawk. Notice how long the tail is when compared the the wing tips. How do you kill daffodils? Daffodils are not eaten by squirrels like crocuses and tupips.

Ginger said...

Thanks for the ID! That's actually what I told Scott it was, but he decided it was one of the other two and I caved!!
No idea what I have done to the daffodils. I did fertilize them two years ago, which resulted in them being all foliage last year. I didn't touch them last year and was sure they'd be back to normal this year, but instead they are totally gone.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'm laughing imagining you running down the street in your pj's after a bird with your camera. :)
I love all your crocuses! Mine look like they're close to blooming.

About the lemon tree, really all I've done is repot it in regular potting soil and brought it in before our big freeze in December. A few times I've put coffee grounds around it and I mist it when I remember. I really think it's pure luck! When it did bloom we used paint brushes to pollinate it.

linda may said...

You are so lucky to have your own little patch of dirt to dig in.
Daffodils like to be fertilized after flowering until they die down because that is when they store their food away for the next season.I too once lived in a house where they wouldn't grow though, don't know why.

Christine B. said...

I kill off daffodils with frightening regularity. Especially the fancy, expensive ones. I have dug them back up in the spring and they are squishy blobs, so I suppose raised beds would help. Rest assured, you aren't the only daff slayer in the world....

Christine in Alaska

Rosie said...

Hi Ginger

My favourite photo is the 1st one of the crocus with the 2 different colours in the petals with those veins.

You certainly have alot in bloom just now too. I think if I saw an unusual bird in my neighbourhood I would do the same too!

Darla said...

I love the that hyacinth a muscari? I have heard not to fertilize Daffs? I only had one bloom on my camellia this year, sigh. Believe it or not I saw a massive hawk yesterday too and took a photo for a looong way away, don't know if mine turned out or not!! Yours is great..

Randy Emmitt said...

I did add some organic fertilizer to the daffodils I planted last fall. Oh my, not many are up yet, it has been very cold here. Hope we didn't loose any.

Ginger said...

Darla, yes- muscari. I've heard to fertilize and not to fertilize daffs, but I will not be doing it again! I used a teaspoon of organic bulb fert. per bulb after flowering (two years ago).

Tootsie said...

I love the camilla!!! I wish for one!!! lol
Now...Hawks? Around here they are a dime a dozen...they are huge...and when we were young and lived on the farm....they were very much a hazard as my dad raised exotic when we would see them, we would be running for the house yelling and screaming for my dad! I wonder what yours was looking at...he must have had a reason to visit...or maybe he had a need to go to the city!!! hahaha
your flaunt was awesome...and I enjoyed my visit today! thank you so much for joining in this week
not sure if I missed what type of law you practice...I did think I noticed the word lawyer written somewhere...I best head back and check it out!

Janet said...

Great hawk picture Ginger!! Isn't it fun to see such grand birds.
I love your Camellia --I hope to have one that large one day.

Susie said...

When we still lived in Atlanta I planted bunches of crocus. Not a one came up. I knew then I would not plant them again.

That's a great pic of the hawk.

CE Webster said...

Love the pictures. It must have been amusing watching you running after a hawk in your PJ's-but worth it.

Jean said...

I too was LOL about you in your PJ's with your camera! Definitely a red-tailed hawk. You can actually see a bit of the red tail in your picture. Maybe I should try some crocuses. My daffs are extremely slow to bloom this year and their leaves are fairly short. But it sounds like crocuses would have had no problem with a winter like ours.

Dirt Princess said...

The new camera is AWESOME!!!! Great shots!

Squirrells will dig daffodils up and move them. I find some popping up in the grass! Little devils!

The crocus is beautiful. I have don't think they will grow here!