Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Rosy

This rose bush is probably my favorite thing about our house. It's old, reliable, smells UNBELIEVABLY good, blooms on and off from April to September...and on and on.

This hot pink rose isn't quite as showy in shape, but it smells equally divine.

I will have some mini roses blooming in a few days. Most of my plants are all green right now (well, the ones that are alive), so the sight and smell of the roses is a treat every day.

Since many of you commented about me somehow managing to kill black-eyed susans, I thought a little follow-up was in order. I found the seed packet from 2008 - Ferry Morse Rudbeckia Hirta. The packet says clear as day "Perennial," but my favorite southern gardening tome categorizes this species as an annual. Confusingly, some websites refer to it as a binennial.

Well, at least I know I didn't kill one of the hardy varieties! Now I just have to find some replacements!
On another totally unrelated note, I just love these unfurling Christmas ferns. I'm going to enter this in the April Gardening Gone Wild contest just for kicks.


trailrider731 said...

ohhhhhhhhh, I love a GOOD SMELLY ROSE< so many these days have the looks but where o where is the SMELL..

WE must slow down and smell the roses! I have a few, Scraggley of course! LOL, I love the Joseph coat roses especially, but the OLDER ones are the best, I intend to try rooting one from my Mothers yard, I've had a bit of success this year with rooting things.

the best is yet to come!!!

Susie said...

Ginger that red is gorgeous. I bet it does smell wonderful.

We sell lots of rudbeckia hirta. I have found they never come back. You need rudbeckia fulgida. That's the old standard.

Janet said...

I absolutely adore roses that are full of fragrance. Yours look wonderful...nice that they bloom off and on through the season.
Love your fern...one of my 'runners-up' was a fern photo...just love how they unfurl.

Jean said...

Ginger, if you're ever heading west on I-20 towards Shreveport or Texas, stop by so I can give you some of my Black Eyed Susans! I have tons to share of the Goldsturm variety. I'm just a couple minutes off the interstate. And I'm serious about that offer! :-)

Ginger said...

Thank you so much, Jean! Every once in a blue moon I get over that way for work, so next time I'll have to look you up :)

Dirt Princess said...

Beautiful rose! I love the last shot!!! Amazing!