Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's nearly 100 degrees this weekend, and dry as a bone, so not much gardening is taking place. I did get to spend a few minutes watering and breathing in the fresh air this evening. Watering one of the apple trees we planted for Earth Day, I found this incredibly creepy bug. Ew! Please don't tell me I should kill it because I really don't want to touch it!

I also spotted this robin hunting for worms. Where was it headed?

Cuuuute! Sleepy baby robins!

A little more awake now:

Isn't the sticks, straw and mud nest impressive?

And finally, the butterfly bush just started blooming, so I'm on the lookout for butterflies!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Randy Emmitt said...

That caterpillar is one of the tussock moths, do not touch it! They have stingers I believe. Hot here as well mid 90s

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Well, we finally made it into the mid 70's. I can't even imagine 100.
The bird's nest is pretty amazing, and what cute babies.
That is a really pretty colored butterfly bush, I love the orange center.

Susie said...

That nest really is amazing. I wonder how long it takes them to build. Sweet birdies! My bluebird babies and the kildeer babies are all gone. I can't believe how fast they all left.

Can't blame you for not wanting to touch that insect. Ick!!!

Lisa Blair said...

Great photos, Ginger! That caterpillar looks really scary. I would definitely leavrvit alone. The baby robins are so cute, and I love the color on that butterfly bush!

Meredith said...

Ginger, we're at a hundred today -- but only counting the heat index. This is supposed to be how it goes in August, not June. I save my trips to the garden for very early morning or just before dark.

What is that caterpillar, I wonder? It looks totally alien. And you've now made me antsy for my new butterfly bush to go on and bloom. We're close, but no cigar. ;)

Prairie Chicken... said...

caterpillar WTF? Strange looking little beastie. Are those two red dots its eyes?

SO creepy.

robins are cute though. Loves them!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I enjoyed these shots! And your blog's header picture is great! The bird nest looks pretty serious. I found a little nest with four little eggs in my ivy planter yesterday. Need to go check it. I also love your support system for beans, from your previous post. I always look for good ideas for my vegetable garden. Thank you Ginger!

Jean said...

I just love the color of your butterfly bush! I wish I had that color. Mine is starting to wash out and is looking more pink than the purple it's supposed to be. I also love your baby robins but not that caterpillar.

I hear you about the heat. Combine that with our lack of rain and it's really getting tough out there.

Shady Gardener said...

Great photos - One type (at least) ot tussock moth we have here doesn't sting. I used to play with it as a child. However, I don't know about any other types.

Have a great July!