Sunday, October 3, 2010

Summer vegetable garden winding down

Happy fall, y'all! It's finally cool here (70s), but it still hasn't really rained in about two months. Everything - even established trees - looks awful. I ripped up the brown tomato and cucumber vines today, plus woody bean remnants. Sad day for me, but happy day for the compost pile.

Last year it was almost two months from this time when the garden looked this empty. Most of the veggies just couldn't hang on with the extreme drought and the neglect they experienced this year.
I did manage to recover some (dried) pinkeye purple hull peas for planting next year...
These were so good fresh this summer and withstood the weather for a long time.
This ginger is from a grocery store knob that we accidentally left on top of the refrigerator in a plastic bag. It sprouted and I planted it in the raised bed a few months ago. Not sure what to do with it this winter (?).

Eggplants and bell peppers are still hanging on:

Omelet peppers. Mmmmm.

Did you know the inside of purple bell peppers is green?
Neglected serranos (from seed) turning rainbow colors:

A couple of sungold are the only tomato plants (of about 12) hanging on. These have been so easy and prolific. Definitely a keeper.

Thank you to all of you who've made comments or asked about the pregnancy. Everything is still going great, and little Clara is due in January! Her room is a very garden-fresh shade of green!
Have a great week :)


Randy Emmitt said...

Nice selection of garden goodies. We had sungolds this year, but we did not plant them, grew out of the compost bin. Neat pepper green inside!

Meg had me turn on the heat tonight!

Susie said...

I've been wondering how you were doing Ginger. Glad to hear everything is coming along good.

Now all we need is some rain.

Lisa Blair said...

I really want some sungolds next year. Did you grow yours from seed? Or where did you buy the plants? I have never grown eggplant. Yours grows so well that I really want to try it next year, too.

My peppers are the only plant still producing. I have leeks that I need to harvest for leek soup. I want to plant beets, chard, lettuce, and sugar snaps this weekend. We'll see.


Janet said...

Geez!! I miss a month or so of blogging and I come back to find you're pregnant??? Hearty congratulations to you.
Love all the veggies you were able to grow this summer. Certainly has been a dry one hasn't it?

Jean said...

It has been a really hard year for the plants, hasn't it? (And sometimes hard for people to survive this drought too!) Those sungolds seem to be unstoppable. I love the taste. At least you still have a few good veggies going!
Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well.

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