Sunday, November 28, 2010

Late November Updates

Happy late Thanksgiving, everyone! Apparently my new MO is to post once a month... so here's the end-of-November update.
The yard looks pretty drab, but there are touches of fall/winter color, such as hollies, camellias, and pineapple sage (the latter will go dormant after our first bad frost):

The vegetable garden is a mix of old and new. Lettuce and carrots, recently planted from seed, will grow all winter here:

Remnants of the summer garden are still hanging on. All of the eggplant and hot pepper plants have TONS of blooms right now. I don't know if anything will make it to fruition this late, though.

I'm still getting a few bell peppers and sungold tomatoes - just enough for a couple of omelets a week.

Our first hard freeze last year was right around December 1. The weather here has been crazy lately. It was 70+ on Thanksgiving day and about 45 on the next!
54 more days until the baby gets here (if she comes on her due date!), so I probably won't be getting much more gardening done in the next few months. I planted some pansies and I'm going to keep sowing lettuce seeds every few weeks. There may not be much to show (or see), but I'll check in again soon. Have a great week!


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'm jealous you still have tomatoes and peppers! I'm hoping next summer will be better for us and we'll be able to get some tomatoes of our own.
You're getting close to your due date, I bet you're both getting excited!

Randy Emmitt said...


Hey once a month whatever it takes. You have a lot to do with a baby on the way anyhow! That black pepper looked so cool, it was a pepper and not an eggplant?

Ginger said...

Catherine - how about next year you send me some of your luck with flowers, and I'll send you some of mine with tomatoes? :)

Randy - it's a very dark purple bell pepper, and it's bright green on the inside! tastes more like a green bell than a sweet red or yellow one. So, I wouldn't grow it for taste alone, but it looks cool in salads and omelets!

Susie said...

Only 54 more days?!? Wow that is exciting!

We have had some crazy weather haven't we?

Phillip said...

I'm just getting into the winter vegetable garden thing. I've planted carrots also - do you know how long it takes for them to mature?

Ginger said...

Susie: Hope you are doing well!

Phillip: I've never had a lot of luck with carrots, probably because I don't water very consistently in the winter. Mine usually only get to be about 3 inches long and skinny! And, even that takes months. You'll be amazed at how much foliage there will be for what turns out to be a tiny root! Good luck to you :)

Lisa Blair said...


I tried to save my tomatoes and peppers from the hard freeze on Friday night, but I don't think they made it. I still had tons of buds and babies, too! I am trying broccoli again. Torturing myself I'm sure, since it never seems to turn out.

Janet said...

glad to see you still here --however often you can post. I really enjoyed having veggies long into the late fall/ early winter season.
I know you are excited about the coming birth of your baby. How wonderful....mine are now in their 20's and I so enjoy their company. Kids are great.