Monday, April 11, 2011

April flowers, more wasp drama, and a mystery bird

Hello everyone! Hope y'all had a great weekend and for those of you who work, your Monday wasn't too bad. This bird is in the top corner of our carport every night now. What is it? And why is it there?

Spiderwort... I cannot believe they sell this. It is SUCH a weed here!

See? It takes over the lawn, and when you mow it down, comes back bigger than ever! Did I mention that sometimes the roots connecting the plants are 5+ feet long? Nightmare to dig up, which is why my side yard looks like a spiderwort farm. Sigh. In more pleasant flower news, fragrant, old roses are blooming: And irises in the little fish pond that I dug up from my mom's real pond:

Clara starts daycare this week (to get us both used to it) and I start back at work next week. I am in major denial mode, so I spent today playing "domestic goddess." Like my slab of warm focaccia?
I'm telling y'all this because I may be MIA for awhile after going back to work. I'm going to be busy and probably pretty sad. But I'll check in with your blogs when I get a chance, and greatly appreciate your patience as I adjust to a "new normal."

One more thing before I let you go. I tried the inverted coke bottle traps for the wasp problem, to no avail. I only tried using juice as bait. I couldn't bring myself to use meat, for various reasons, but mostly because that's a disgusting thing to leave outside in a coke bottle in 80+ heat! I also tried these fake wasp nests from gardeners supply - and they were an utter failure for me, though they have good reviews so they must work for some people. (If anyone wants the extra package (of 2) I have, let me know and I'll mail it to you.) So, we're back to square one, and big red wasps are still terrorizing me every time I step in the veggie garden. Not sure what to do now!?

Have a good week! -Ginger


Randy Emmitt said...


I love spiderworts, they have been here for years and have not spread on us. Must be the dry clay ground. I can smell that rose from here.

Shame to have to go back to work, I'm sure Clara will adjust.

Lisa Blair said...

Hmmmm, not sure what you can do about the wasps. Maybe just go in armed with a can of Raid? I've done that a few times before myself. They seem to figure out pretty quickly to stay away when they see their waspy friends fall to the ground in an insecticide cloud... But then again, you may not be as cruel as I am! Ha!

I'm thinking about you as you and Clara both adjust to a new normal. Good luck! Can't wait to see you at the plant sale this weekend and hear all about it.

Lisa Blair said...

Oh, the foccacia looks amazing!

Becca's Dirt said...

I know it is going to be a big adjustment for you when you put that little one in Day Care. Don't fret too much - she will do fine - it's you it will be hard on. Maybe in a few years you can stop working. Well you can hope can't you. I've worked since my baby was a year old and he is 36 now.

There must be a nest nearby for the wasp to be out in the garden. Get rid of the nest. I had them to build a nest right at my front door but inside of a birdhouse that wasn't being used. When I got rid of the nest they went elsewhere.

Have a great day Ginger and enjoy the last of your free days.

Susie said...

Ginger that is such an adorable of sweet Clara. She is so cute! Sorry I don't know what type of bird that is. I've had barn swallows trying to nest on my front porch.

Enjoyed the blooms!

Dirt Princess said...

I love the header photo of Clara. My middle is Claire :-)...claose enough LOL. I don't know what kind of bird that is. Strange. I will see if I can find out. The bread looks amazing! You are going to be so busy now. I hope you can still find the time to blog and visit everyone. Your roses look great. Everything looks great

Shady Gardener said...

I once had a huge problem with spiderwort... and didn't plant any in this present situation. However, two years ago, a bird dropped a seed in one of my shadiest gardens. All it's done so far is make one little clump. If it gets out-of-hand, "out" it goes! ha. Best wishes to you.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Hi Ginger, I love the new header! What a cutie pie--love her rabbit ears.
Your bird is a baby something with those pin feathers. Probably tired from an earlier than he should have flight.
I am glad to be rid of Spiderwort-- it was all over in my Virginia garden. I understand the frustration, completely!
Your wasp trap may work better with apple juice....the fruity aroma may help over just the sugary stuff. Good luck

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

Ginger, my spiderwort...uh hum, was given to me by Janet, The Queen of Seaford...who I see is glad to be rid of it!! Janet, thanks so much;-) No, seriously far I have had to basically 'baby' the plants to make sure they survive. They haven't spread an inch and are staying tiny in the areas I planted them. They are mostly shady areas so I'm hoping they will behave in those places. So far so good. I don't mind having them around the edges of the yard near the fence, as long as they'll continue to behave. And everytime I look at them I do think of a good way;-) 'IF' they start popping up everywhere, however, that always has the possibility to change;~} LOL!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Hahahahaa looks like I have been found out! I like the Spiderwort when it is blooming, it just spread in my climate more than what I kept up with. I could dig it up, but didn't at first....then there was too much. Sorry Jan, remember me fondly. Ginger, stay up with it.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Why isn't focaccia invasive? Life isn't fair, I tell you.