Saturday, May 14, 2011

Expanded bed progress and a BIG thank you!

Scott spent all afternoon removing sod and monkey grass for the expanded bed. Both are being replanted in the desolate backyard (where if the monkey grass takes over, more power to it!).

We'll be roughing up the dirt with a pickaxe and adding in a little Miracle Grow Garden Soil I already had laying around, then will cover it all up with a layer of pine straw (we can't use hardwood mulch because of termites).

There were some daylilies entrenched in the old monkey grass, and I pried most of them out to be replanted. I will wait to transplant many of the perennials from the back of the bed to the front until they have bloomed. I wasn't going to do much else with this bed in the immediate future since it's not a great time of year to establish perennials, and of course we just became a one-income family....but then I just won Dave @ The Home Garden's awesome contest --- a $100 Lowe's giftcard and biodegradable weed-block fabric!!! I am ridiculously excited about both of these things and will let y'all know how the weed-block does. I will probably use the Lowe's card to buy a bunch of annuals to spruce up this bed until I can plant perennials in the fall. THANKS, Dave!
Clara supervised us working in the yard today.

The bluebirds who have a nest nearby were NOT happy with our lengthy presence. We felt bad, but what can you do? At least they found some delicious bugs to swoop down and eat in the newly exposed dirt.
Gratuitous Clara close-up... (for some reason, these Clara pics are fuzzy scaled-down, but you can click them for a clearer pic if you want)

Hope you're all having a GREAT weekend! Thanks for your suggestions and advice for this bed on my last post.


Randy Emmitt said...


Clara looks so cute out in the yard! Cool on winning the contest. I'll let you in on a secret, nobody tell this ok? Home Depot at least the one i go too rolls the unwanted plants to behind the store. Free for the taking or they die in the heat. This week I got 6 gal petunias and 6 gallon Dianthus. Just because the blooms are fading, these are set out.

Lisa Blair said...

Hehe, good tip, Randy!

Clara is adorable! Y'all are making great progress. Leave some room for purple irises.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Good for you. I know that was hard work. That Clara is a doll. Her little seat is cute...nice she can be out in the garden with you in it.

Trinity said...

Hi, Ginger! You can totally still send an announcement in! Do it! :)

P.S. *LOVE* the pic of Clara in the bumbo. I've been taking Arlo's jumper/activity seat out in the yard so that I can get some gardening done. :)

(So happy to find another new mama gardener!)

Life Happens said...

Looks like you had a fund day of yardwork. I LOVE the picture of Clara in your header and the bumbo pictures too. She is adorable!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Clara looks so cute in her Bumbo! We had the yellow one for my daughter too.
Looks like lots of new planting space! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Congrats on the winning the gift card!