Friday, September 4, 2009

Late Summer Blooms

I planted these two hydrangeas this spring, and they have bloomed all summer long! The white flowers are supposed to turn blush pink, but haven't. Hydrangeas are a rare flower I can cut and bring inside that the kitties will leave alone. (They especially love daisies!)
This rose has bloomed on and off since late March.
The last daylily of the year came up in the middle of some monkey grass a friend dug up and gave me to edge a bed. That's a tag-a-long I don't mind!
The hot pink crape myrtle next to our driveway makes me smile every morning when I leave for work:
Gallo Peach Blanketflower, bought on sale at Lowe's for $2 recently:
Butterfly bush is doing much better this year with regular dead-heading, but the blooms are still diminutive. Maybe it's a dwarf variety.
I cut the black eyed susans back a month ago. Some of the plants went dormant for the year (at least that is what I'm telling myself!), and some of them put on a new flush of blooms:
Variegated shrimp plant bought on sale recently:
Four-O-Clocks, which grow as a perennial here, and smell awesome:
Have a great weekend!


Susie said...

Ginger you still have some wonderful blooms in your garden. How's the limelight?

Janet said...

evening Ginger, your rose is certainly giving its all! since March? wow. I have 4 o'clocks and had moved them to the back of the bed and I am much happier with them in the back, they are nice but if they aren't open, they look gangly.

Ginger said...

Susie, my limelight looks terrible!!! It's in the same bed with these two hydrangeas and has received the same care (I bought these the same day at G.W.) - who knows what the problem is. I'm hoping to keep it alive and maybe it will rebound in the spring. I see them all over town blooming beautifully!!

Janet - I'm moving these four-o-clocks next year. You're right, they are way too massive and gangly for anywhere but the back of the bed --- mine are three feet tall!

Kalyan said...

simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!

Heather said...

Looks like you still have some nice things blooming in your garden! Mine is starting to get tired. I just need it to hang in there 2 more weeks when my best friend comes for her first visit.

Lisa Blair said...

That lily is gorgeous! That's definitely a tag-a-long I wouldn't mind either.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You do have some very pretty bloomers. I just love the Crape myrtles. You just don't see them around here, I'd love to have space for one.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Look at you with your awesome gardening blog! I love it!

The hydrangeas - they turn different colors depending on the pH of the soil. You can buy a kit to test the pH of YOUR dirt, then add amendments as necessary to get the color you want.

CALL ME!! We'll do lunch!