Saturday, October 3, 2009

Purple Haze

No, I'm not talking about the Jimi Hendrix song, or one of my favorite Abita beers... I'm talking about our yard/garden, where the color purple seems to have taken over!

This aster is the palest lavender. I love how at its peak, it has hundreds of blooms at once.
The beautyberry in the back has been stripped by the birds, but they haven't discovered the one in the front yet:
The beer bottle garden features purple with its elephant ears and coral bells:
My endless summer hydrangea has morphed from Wedgwood blue flowers to lavenderish-pinkish flowers over the course of the last few months (interestingly, without any soil amendments):
Mexican bush sage is blooming for the second time this year:
I had no idea this was a re-blooming iris!
Eggplants give us a double shot of purple. First the flowers:
Then the pretty vegetables:

Have a great weekend!


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Love all that purple! Your Beautyberry is loaded with berries. I love the re blooming iris.

Janet said...

I LOVE purple!! Your collection is wonderful. The reblooming Iris is such a bonus.
I think the Mexican Bush Sage is a nice bold statement in the landscape.
Looks great!

Susie said...

Love those colors! I just discovered my Aster like yours is blooming too. That was a nice surprise!

Lisa Blair said...

I love purple and I love Mexican Bush Sage. I just took some photos of mine this weekend. Those asters look really pretty. Can't wait to see them covered in blooms!

cherry said...

love all the shades of purple everything is looking so pretty hugs, Cherry