Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - May 2009

Clockwise from top left: Endless Summer Hydrangea, Lambs Ears, Rose, Hardy Mums, Coreopsis, French Marigold (started from seed!).
Shasta Daisy, Mexican Bush Sage/Ornamental Sage, More Hardy Mums, Marigolds, Another French Marigold, Strawberry, Pansy, Another French Marigold, Gerbera.

Recognize anything from the pictures above in the picture below?
The white hardy mums in the top picture are from our wedding brunch two years ago. I planted them in the garden and they are spreading and thriving! (FYI: I don't pinch mine back, because I'd rather have a couple of great shows than one slightly greater show, but I do dead-head them between blooms.) Sweet, huh?

Check out more May blooms at the hub of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.


Karen said...

Cute that your wedding flowers keep on blooming. Nicely symbolic. Wow, you guys have all of our summer flowers (Seattle) blooming already! It's fun to look into the future, it will be months before I have marigolds and all the rest. Happy Bloom Day!

jo said...

Hiya Ginger,

What a lovely colourful mix you have put up for us to enjoy.
I am not familiar with the concept of a wedding brunch. Is that before or after the ceremony? Anyways, the mums look very festive. Hope you can keep them going for a few years longer.

Susie said...

Beautiful blooms Ginger. Cute picture of you guys too!

Prairie Chicken... said...

Coreopsis! I have seeds for those... yours are lovely

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Lots of pretty flowrers! I think that is so neat to have flowers from you wedding in your garden. What a great idea and a nice memory.

Dirt Princess said...

I love the photos of you and Smeagol! Very cute! That is sweet that you planted them. Have a wonderful weekend

Darla said...

Beautiful blooms here too.......this time of the year color is popping everywhere!!

Ginger said...

Karen- that's one of my favorite things about the blogging world - living vicariously through others! A month from now, it will be insanely hot here and half of these things will already be looking raggedy - then I'LL get to enjoy them on Northerner's blogs!

jo- Thanks! Our wedding brunch was at 10am on the day of the wedding (wedding at 6pm) - it's mostly something you do for out of town guests and family who come in town early. I guess it's kind of a southern thing to entertain them all weekend!

Susie- Thanks! Have a great weekend!

Prairie Chicken- Full disclosure: mine were bought at Lowe's, already blooming!

Catherine- Thanks! Honestly, I didn't think about NOT planting them after the wedding!

Dirt Princess- LOL, yeah, Smeagol is much more photogenic than he was in LOTR!!!

Darla- I know, isn't it exciting?! Makes me a lot more likely to get out and go for a walk!!

Linda said...

What a lovely variety of blooms you have at this time of year. The all weekend wedding concept sounds even more (exhausting) fun than a Scottish wedding!

Ginger said...

Linda - Our blooms are at their best right now --- the extreme heat will fade or destroy them soon! The wedding weekend was definitely fun - and exhausting once our adrenaline ran out!