Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blooming Tuesday

Happy Blooming Tuesday! Here is a snapshot of what's blooming in my yard in late March. These blooms are all about a month late due to our unusually cold winter.
An assortment of daffodils:

Sugar snap peas, coming up! Yum!

Wild violas - so delicate and precious.


More assorted daffodils:

I can't quite capture the brilliance of this lorapetalum from afar. It's really a vibrant hot pink (while in bloom). These shrubs blend well in a perennial border with their informal, almost sprawling habitat. Just beware they can get huge, so plant them 5 feet apart even if it seems like a big gap.

Long-time readers will remember my laments about the azaleas the previous homeowners stuck in clay holes in full sun. We moved them to the shadier backyard, and three years later, they are finally blooming! I'm thrilled we were able to rehabilitate them, though it sure took some patience.

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Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love all of your Daffodils! I've got some more getting ready to bloom but none as pretty as yours.
Our peas are just coming through the ground, it'll be a long time before we see any flowers on them.

Darla said...

Your Daffs are so pretty...lora's are great aren't they? What I love the most about them is you can prune them anytime of the year...

Randy Emmitt said...

Lovely daffodils! Our peas are maybe 4 inches right now and it is getting hot already.

Janet said...

Super blooms Ginger. I really like the shot of the Snap Pea bloom...nicely done.
I am looking forward to having Loropetalum in my garden. Those hot pink blooms are great.

Jean said...

What a great assortment ot daffodils! They are all beautiful. Violets have a tendancy to be invasive here but I love to see them pop up all over. I just pull them out after they bloom if I don't want them where they are. Great post! Jean

Susie said...

Can't believe your azaleas are starting to bloom. Mine are no where near that point.

Haven't the Lorepetalum's been beautiful this year?!?! They are blooming everywhere.

Paula said...

Your daffodils are amazing! I am sure your yard is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
Paula in Idaho

Lisa Blair said...

You have the prettiest daffodils! Great shots!

My azaleas haven't bloomed yet, but they are close. Mine are at least 2 weeks behind, maybe more.

And, my sugar snaps are behind yours, too. When did you sow them?

Happy Spring!!

Rosemarie said...

Very nice! And I'm glad those azaleas are blooming, I've never tried growing them (I don't have acidic soil and too lazy to amend).