Monday, March 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - March 2010

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, March 2010! My yard still looks pretty dead from the street, but a closer look reveals many harbingers of spring.

Above: an unknown daffodil. Below: precious white flowers that crop up in the grass before mowing time.

Above: a lorapetalum bloom. Below: one of three HUGE bradford pears we have. Every year I just know they're going to fall, but I can't cut them down when they are this beautiful.

Above: pansies thriving in an old compost pail. Below: a hyacinth forced a few years ago and then planted in the garden.

Above: This came with the house - bridal wreath spirea, I believe. Below: more unknown daffodils.

Above: grape hyacinth (muscari). Below: a different lorapetalum.

Above: pansies. Below: blueberry bush.

Above: the camellia that's been blooming since late October. Below: the azalea that is preparing to bloom for the first time ever (prior homeowners planted it in full sun in a hole of pure clay - we transplanted it three years ago).

Above: violets popping up in the yard. Below: a two-story camellia beginning to bloom.

Above: tiny and precious new daffodils! Below: a bradford pear branch forced inside.

For more March blooms, visit Carol at May Dreams Garden.


Christine B. said...

I'd have a hard time cutting down a tree in flower, too. But better to cut than have it split in a storm or something like that, right? We have a big spruce in our backyard that, everytime the wind whips up, I tell myself: this is the time is going to fall over...I just need to have it down and stop sweating it, I guess.

Spring is definitely in effect at your to send some up my way in Alaska?

Christine B.

EB said...

Lovely pictures. Some of your things are far more advanced than ours - the spirea, and actually most of them. I'm curious as to where you are in the US? - sorry, I've been away from here for a while and I forget things!

Randy Emmitt said...

Not a big fan of bradford pears but yours in pretty nice! Enjoyed the triple headed daff, those kind are some of my favorites.

Susie said...

You do have some nice blooms going on Ginger.

Aren't the Bradford Pears pretty right now? They are opening up everywhere.

Janet said...

Great pictures Ginger! Really great. I love Loropetalum...especially the ones with the burgundy leaves.
Your previous homeowner seemed to have planted some nice plants...sans the Bradford. Nice shaped tree right now....most of the ones I see have already had damage.

Phillip said...

We have daffodils blooming but you are ahead of us on the spirea and trees.

Jean said...

The Bradford pears here have gone insane. They must be at their peak this week. But since they all look the same age, I think a nursery must have had them on sale 40 years ago. We don't have any and I really don't want them but I enjoy everyone else's. :-)

Congrats on your azalea rescue. Those pretty little white flowers are Claytonia virginica. Elizabeth Laurence called them "Good Morning Spring". Nice sentiment.

Ginger said...

Christine - two of the three trees have already split. The one in that picture split across the driveway, which was kind of funny because I didn't feel like going to work anyway! Another reason I haven't cut them down is that they provide SO MUCH of our much-needed shade. That is just irreplacable.

EB - in Central Mississippi! And everything here is actually later than usual due to a cold winter for us.

Randy - Obviously these trees predate me (literally). I probably wouldn't ever plant one, but I've enjoyed the spring and fall colors.

Susie - the b. pears and japanese magnolias all over town are gorgeous right now!

Janet - that particular tree has split once. Another one has as well, but doesn't look nearly that good.

Phillip - your yard looks pretty springy to me! maybe it's just the close-ups!

Jean - thanks very much for the flower id!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You have a lot blooming! The pear tree is beautiful! I love all your different daffodils too! I'm wondering if my blueberries are going to have flowers this year, so far only leaves which is strange. It looks like you'll have lots of berries.

Meredith said...

Beautiful, Ginger! Who could possibly have the heart to cut down a Bradford Pear? Love all the little details, even down to the first dogtooth violets preparing to open. :)