Monday, January 17, 2011

January Update and Last Pre-Baby Post!

Happy 2011, y'all! I hope everyone is well and warm, and I apologize for slacking both in reading your blogs and updating mine. Clara is due on Friday, so I've been pretty busy with baby stuff and trying to tie up a lot of loose ends at work before I take some time off.
It was fairly warm today, so I spent about an hour in the garden cutting down old perennials and such. Not much is going on. In the edibles category, lettuce and carrots are growing with pretty much zero care:

Not sure if it was the hot summer or what, but our camellias have been off this year. The pale pink fall-bloomers only had a couple of blooms. The hot pink camellias that usually bloom for months are just now starting their show, as evidenced by the only bloom I could find for a blog pic, hiding under a leaf.
Many of our perennials are showcasing healthy new growth, including this patch of shasta daisies:


I'm anxious to see if many of the perennials I planted last year that seemed to wither to death in the extreme heat will be back.
My seed-starting operation this year has been relegated to one tray of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and basil under a single incandescent lightbulb. I almost skipped it entirely, but if there's ever a time to be thrifty, it's when you are trying to take a long (unpaid) vacation from work!
Take care and check back soon for baby news! -Ginger


Randy Emmitt said...


Good luck on Friday or sooner if it happens before. Clara what a beautiful name. We planted the most beautiful camellia this fall called Lady Clare, should have blooms in a month or so.

Shady Gardener said...

Look at your little babies~! We are nowhere near being able to see anything like this, yet! :-)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

How exciting that your baby will be here in just a few days! I hope it goes well and look forward to updates about her and you. I love the name you've chosen.
I'm impressed you've still been able to garden, I could hardly bend the month before my last daughter was born and cringed as I watched my husband prune the perennials.

Janet said...

Oh Ginger, I am so excited for you. Many blessings and happy thoughts are being sent your way. Hug her and squeeze her and enjoy every second. Babies are wonderful.

Saw Randy said there was a Lady Clara Camellia....I'm thinking a family garden...with some Ginger, a Lady Clara Camellia, not sure on Scott....maybe a Scot-ch Broom?? At the very least plant a Camellia for the birth of your baby.

Darla said...

Well I'll be dipped in peanut butter...congrats and I too love the name....looking forward to healthy reports!

Randy Emmitt said...


Getting close!!!

Pine Siskins are the size of House Finches and usually flock with Gold Finches. Not sure if they go that south, but you never know.