Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No baby yet.... Will you help me with my new garden plans?

No baby yet…. She was due last Friday, and we’ll go in tomorrow evening for them to induce. I worked through 4 pm today then we went out for a nice dinner. I still need to finish packing our bag, but don’t have much else to do to distract me from the nerves tonight….

In response to my last post, Janet @ The Queen of Seaford suggested I start a “family garden.” Such a great idea! However, I need some help! We can either go with full sun or partial shade. There is nowhere in my yard that isn’t hot, dry and with clay soil (though it’s been well-amended in certain parts). Here are some of the plants I’m considering:

For baby Clara: Leading the pack is Clara Curtis Mums. These types of mums grow so well here with no care. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen this particular variety or not. In some photos they look salmon pink while in others they look pale lavender. Another plus for this plant is that I can definitely find some to order.

Other options include white Clara Goula Louisiana Iris (probably needs more moisture than I’m willing/able to provide), or maybe a shrub (Clara Indian Hawthorne with white flowers, or Clara Brooks Camellia – which is mentioned on mygardenguide.com but I can’t seem to find a picture of, much less a seller for).

For Scott: Definitely the most challenging of the family…. There are a couple of azaleas with “Scott” in the name (“Eliza Scott,” “Scott Gartrell”), but none I can find for sale… I thought about Scottish Thistle, but I’m not sure if it’s the kind of thistle that grows around here, and frankly I’ve always considered thistle a weed! Then there’s Scott’s Clematis – a weird hairy bell-shaped clematis that grows more like a shrubby perennial than a “normal” clematis….

Any other ideas?

For me: I’m thinking “Butterfly Ginger,” even though I killed some I bought last year at a plant sale. What is the trick with this plant? Watering to get it established then neglect? I’m open to other kinds of gingers that will grow as perennials here. I’m also open to other plants altogether with “ginger” in the name…. perhaps the orange “Ginger Bread Man Daylily” (though, I already have a ton of orange daylilies)? Frustratingly, lots of plants that I find on the web don’t appear to be available in the US or I can’t find a seller for, like Iced Ginger Rose (grown only in Australia or New Zealand??) or the gorgeous orangey-pink Ginger Rogers Rose…

Scott suggested we add the pets to the family garden, but that’s a bit ambitious at this point I think! Anyway, I’d greatly appreciate your input and ideas. And thanks much to Janet for the concept!


Randy Emmitt said...


Looking forward to hearing about the baby! Good Luck!

I have Lady Clare camellia, awesome huge blooms you could slightly change it to Lady Clare don't you think?

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

You will like that Clara Curtis mum! We have it and she did very well in the garden. Clara is a great baby name, congrats on your soon to be new addition!

Darla said...

Well I have some Hidden Ginger if you would like me to send you some...after all once Clara arrives you will be put on the back burner as she will be in the spotlight....I have 5 kids, I know!

Janet said...

Hi Ginger!! What fun, so glad you like the idea. With all the Clara choices you certainly could do a Clara garden. I like the Butterfly Ginger-- full sun...amended soil, wonder why yours died? There is a native ginger with heart shaped leaves, shade lover. What fun!
As for the baby, she will come when she is ready. Hope inducing goes quickly. Won't give you my tale of labor and delivery....the outcome is a bundle of joy. Will be thinking of you on Friday. Have Scott post something ok?

Lisa Blair said...

This sounds really fun! I am all for the Clara Curtis Mums. The color is so pretty - perfect for your sweet baby girl!

Thinking about you right now... you may just be in labor. Good vibes coming your way!

G+D said...

Saw your comment on my blog and had to stop by to see if there was any baby news. I see you got induced on Wednesday which means you are probably enjoying your little girl right this very moment! EEEEeee, so exciting!! Wishing you all the best!