Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Raised Beds in Winter

The raised beds didn't get much of a workout this winter thanks to the seed tape disaster, but my herbs and a few overwintered plants are chugging along:

The strawberry bed shared space with shallots. The idea was that the shallots would be ready to harvest before the strawberries started taking over the bed this spring. We'll see! Here is a closeup of one of the shallots. Talk about an easy thing to grow.

Perennials sage, rosemary, oregano and thyme, and biennial parsley are pretty much no-care plants as well.

I dug the mint out of the raised bed after it started taking over. It's been living happily in a pot ever since.

Cilantro started from seed. I love cilantro and enjoy growing it during the cooler parts of the year, even though it's cheap to buy.

That great looking black dirt in the cilantro photo is from my compost bin! Other than adding homemade compost from time to time, I don't do much to the raised beds. I let the pinestraw fall where it may and it doesn't seem to hurt anything. The beds are full of earthworms despite the fact that I laid down some of that weed barrier matting when the beds were new! There are very few weed problems, but all of the beneficial insects you'd find in the ground. Can you tell I'm a fan of raised beds? Scott is a little concerned our backyard may turn into a maze of raised beds! Is that a bad thing?

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