Sunday, February 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - February 2009

Yellow and purple crocuses. I planted these last fall and was so pleased that the squirrels ignored them!
Yellow pansies and a periwinkle blue hyacinth - the only one I have ever planted that the squirrels didn't eat! This is possibly because I planted it after forcing it last year, so it always had some foliage and roots.

Muscari aka Grape Hyacinths - they smell amazing but you have to get on the ground to smell them! I enjoy the green foliage after the flowers fade away.

The first daffodil to bloom this year.

This huge camellia has been blooming for about a month now.

I bought four blueberry bushes at Hutto's last week, and they are all in bloom. They aren't planted in a very sunny spot, so I may have to move them next year. I'll report back on that.

Lorapetalum - love the hot pink fringy flowers on this shrub.


Lesley said...

I love grape hyacinths! Seamus found out that they aren't edible, though (puked up his dinner...)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blog world, blogger!

Ginger said...

Lesley: Poor Seamus! (I feel bad for also thinking that is hilarious)

Anon.: Thanks!

Northern Shade said...

Your crocus are lovely, and the yellow and purple are perfect for spring. I enjoy Muscari, but mine won't be up for a while.
Lucky for you, the squirrels had trouble getting the rooted hyacinth out of the all you can eat squirrel buffet.