Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finally Feels Like Fall

I composted the pumpkins today. Here is a shot of most of our compost area (there is also a leaf pile). Our neighbor's compost area is right on the other side of the chain-link fence. He uses plastic panels to cover it when it gets too wet or cold.
I work with a very distinguished lawyer named Julie. Here is Julie's awesome/hilarious cupcake rendition of our compost area (Halloween version, complete with ghost):
Notice the (gummy) worms?! I keep trying to convince her that the compost area doesn't smell and isn't gross, but she refuses to come check it out!

It's finally starting to look like fall in Mississippi. One camellia is almost finished blooming, and another is gearing up.
The diminutive gingko tree's leaves are turning yellow and getting ready to fall en masse.
The holly's plump berries will be festively red by Christmastime.
Have a great week!


Susie said...

Ginger doesn't your pumpkins smell as they rot? We threw away so many stinky pumpkins at work.

The bug you were asking about is a hummingbird moth. He was in our backyard last year and I couldn't believe he stayed still long enough for a photo. He was really neat looking!

Janet said...

Morning Ginger, fun compost cupcake rendition. I have a worm composting going on in the laundry doesn't smell either. How did your Beautyberry do this year? Mine were kind of small, slow growing for the first couple years ....then --pow!!! They are huge. I cut them back to the ground every other year.
Looking forward to seeing your Camellia open. Great shrub.

Heather said...

I must say your compost area looks so much better than mine. I really must work on that. Love the cake!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love the compost cake! How lucky your Camellias are fall bloomers, ours won't bloom until early spring. I love the shape of the ginkgo leaves.

Phillip said...

Love the compost cupcakes, lol

Jean said...

Ha! I love the compost rendition! Too funny. Thankfully fall is on the way here too. I just hope the lovely weather holds for a long time. :-)

KMG said...

I was so excited last week to see my first camillia blooms. They are tricky here in upper middle Tn. I have another one full of big fat buds but it is usually much later when it pops open.

Prairie Chicken... said...

WTF! you're still harvesting veggies? crazy! gosh I wish I lived in a warmer climate