Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Smorgasbord of November Garden Photos

The fish are alive!! It's been two weeks!
Here is a fuzzy picture of the shubunkin ("Alex") and one of the two comets:
Here are both comets. They are quite sociable. I love having a fish pond!
My summer veggie garden is definitely living on borrowed time, as it is forecasted to freeze soon, but I haven't been able to bring myself to pull it up. Especially when the eggplants, bell peppers, and serranos (below) are producing like mad!
I get about a handful of beans a week. Just enough to throw in a stir-fry. These purple queen beans aren't as productive as normal "green beans," but it may just be the time of year.
Every fall, I wonder if it will be our last year with the approximately 5o-year-old Bradford Pears. They are magnificent in fall!
The small gingko turns such a pretty, distinct golden yellow:
Most of the beautyberry berries have been eaten by birds. They seem to eat one whole cluster at a time rather than munching on all of them a little at a time.
The black krim tomato plants look awful, but keep producing tasty tomatoes (albeit slowly):
Here are about a fifth of our tomato plants. They were all top-pruned at least once and still grew to be eight feet tall/long.
Fuzzy picture of a bell pepper that ended up in an omelet last weekend... I have about 50 bell peppers nearing maturity, which is why a freeze scares me so.
This eggplant ended up in a stir-fry last weekend. The eggplants have many flowers and lots of healthy new growth. Don't they know it's time to wind down??
Here are some of the eggplants. Hard to believe I started these from seed back in February!
These bell pepper plants are huge and healthy:
The dogwood we planted for Earth Day has pretty fall leaves:
Last but definitely not least, look at this DARLING plant tag Persephone in Bloom made me!! She actually made me three, and how cool is this - they are made out of recycled soda cans! Thanks Persephone!
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm very thankful that you read my blog.


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Those tomato plants are outta control! Good job!!!

Randy Emmitt said...


Your pond sounds so relaxing! I used to have shubunkin they are very hardy, we even got babies but I think the nasty bullfrogs would eat them. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Janet said...

Great continuing harvest Ginger! Do like the shot of the Black Krim hanging on.
Your new template looks very nice.
Happy Thanksgivig

Becca's Dirt said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Ginger. Can't believe you have so many veggies doing so well this time of year. You go girl!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love seeing your fish. You probably will have lots of babies next summer.
I can't believe your vegetables!! Mine have been done for quite awhile now. I'd love to still be picking fresh veggies.
Happy Thanksgiving.

persephone said...

Hey Ginger! I am glad you like the tags! Thanks for showing 'em off!

Hope your holiday is going as well as mine is! Jealous of your bounty!

Anonymous said...