Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Veggies and Mysteries

Here is today's harvest from the veggie garden: yellow pear tomatoes, one bell pepper, two early long purple eggplant, a few purple queen beans (will throw in a stir-fry):
I have many more peppers of the same size, but am trying to be patient and let them turn colors/get sweet!

We did a lot of work in the yard this weekend, which I will post about soon. Being down on the ground helped me discover a couple of garden mysteries that are not so visible from above. Here are elephant ears from above (in the beer bottle garden):
From ground level, working a few feet away, I saw these pods in the middle of the plant. What are these things?
From the same vantage point, I noticed something strange on the underside of a large branch of one of our trees:
Here is a close-up. I'm almost afraid to learn what this is. We have about 10 of these trees separating our and our neighbor's yards.
Anyway, we also took care of the first round of fallen leaves, and used up 99% of the rock remaining from the pond project this weekend. AND we added fish to the pond! Two small comets and a shubunkin (or as I, the cat-lover like to call it, a calico fish). They are still acting really shy, but supposedly that is normal. I'll post pictures of the rock projects and the fishies soon. Have a great week!


Janet said...

Your veggies are still going strong! That is great. Love the beer bottle garden. The thing in the middle of your elephant ears is the flower. I have had some bloom in past years and this summer my Caladiums bloomed, same fashion. Not exactly sure about the tree... looks like something I should know...maybe a lichen or something.

Susie said...

Ginger I thought the pod was a flower but not sure about the "stuff" on the tree.

Rosemarie said...

I notice too many things when I get down on my hands and knees. I just bend over now :)