Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blame it on the rain

Dirt Princess has a very nice post about the good things that come with rain. I guess I'm not quite as positive of a person as Dirt Princess, because while I enjoy the resulting green-up, my first thoughts about torrential rains aren't usually pleasant!

One thing rain brought my way this week was a SLUG on MY VERY FIRST RIPE STRAWBERRY! We never have slugs except after torrential rains. I actually said out loud to the slug, "Hey! That's not BERRY nice!"

Torrential rains also bring a lot of down limbs in my old neighborhood with its beautiful old trees, so here's the low-down on how we handle them:
We don't own and wouldn't really know what to do with a chainsaw. Scott's first plan of action for large limbs was a handsaw like this one (I love the Fat Max because you can leave it out in the rain and it won't rust! ...not that we would do that...). Even with a rigid and sharp handsaw, it was pretty tough work.

Behold Plan B: the "pocket chainsaw"OMG, this thing is sweet. Much easier for Scott to use than the handsaw, and portable!
I can use the pocket chain saw (unlike the total lost cause that is me trying to use a handsaw), but I usually go for Option C: the alligator! It has jaws that open and close with a mini chainsaw inside them. I think it's supposed to cut up to 4" limbs, but I've done bigger ones. It is awesome. And safe - the chainsaw jaws don't work unless you have both hands on the triggers, so you can't have one hand on a trigger and another in the saw part.


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I got a chainsaw for mothers day a few years ago. Love it

Janet said...

Morning Ginger, we have one of those chainsaw on a string. Ours has a weight on the end to toss it over a branch...great for getting branches down that are up too high. The key is to get the chain in the right place as you and a buddy start the seesaw action. Once on the ground a big ol' chain saw...gas powered is the way to go. ;-)

Susie said...

I've never seen the last two tools. That pocket chainsaw is pretty interesting. That would probably be handy to have around.

mlc said...

Great blog idea. I hate when trees blow down because I don't run the chain saw, and have to wait for the male contingent to get his butt in gear. I'm definitely going to look into the "alligator". I'm not sure about the pocket chain saw. Looks a little wimpy to me.
The actually saws are pretty good. I've been known to use them effectively.

Ginger said...

Debbi, you're pretty tough! I've never even tried the "real thing." Of course a couple more reasons we go manual or electric when possible are the environment and not annoying the neighbors (I HATE being woken up by gas-powered lawn equipment!). I understand sometimes the real deal is necessary, though!

Janet - I was blown away by how well the chain on a string works!! They market it to hunters and military people, I think, who couldn't lug a real chainsaw in the woods. It works great for us in our urban landscape!

Susie - You should get one. They are cheap, handy, and effective.

mlc - you're stronger than I! the thing that makes the pocket chainsaw so effective is the leverage you get from pulling from both sides. Before we had it, I couldn't believe it could work that well. I just thought it was worth a try for $10!
I love that alligator. Of course it's electric, so that limits the distance you can take it, but it is unbelievably easy to use, and obviously much lighter weight than a real chainsaw. My husband loves it too now!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I want the alligator one! We have a chainsaw, but I don't know how to use it yet. I've never heard of a pocket chainsaw!
I don't have a good attitude about the rain either right now, I want sun!

Heather said...

My timber falling hubby will tickled to see that pocket chainsaw. He will be the envy of all his other timber falling friends. Oh, the things that make him happy!

Dirt Princess said...

thanks for your sweet comments about mua! The rain knocks down a lot of limbs in my garden as well...last year one fell on a bed and killed every plant in it! After 3 years of the dying limbs falling off...I think it is about done. The next thing to fall will be the tree. exciting to sit and wait on that one!

Ginger said...

Catherine,I think you'd like the alligator. It is really easy to use, effective, and safe. Hope you get some sun soon!

Heather, LOL! It's a good stocking stuffer type gift for men!

Dirt Princess,
I'm waiting on some trees to fall, too, and hoping they go a certain way. They may last another couple of years, and I love the shade, so I'm not planning to cut them down... but it's an anxious waiting game!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Lots of rain here too! And... slugs... all I can say is YUCK! They were a problem with me last year. My hubby would love the chainsaws too! LOL --Jackie

Kim and Victoria said...

Wow. Like the look of the alligator. I can see my husband enjoying that.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Hi ginger, I am putting together the seed packets. Send me a mailing address to and they will be on their way to you.