Friday, April 10, 2009

Perks of working for "The Man"

When I was in law school, I said I would rather not practice law than practice corporate law. A short four years into my career, I totally work for "The Man." (Insert Big Sigh Here) There are perks to this arrangement - for example, I get to stay in sweet hotels when out of town for business. Last night I was the guest, for a full ten hours, at the Marriott/Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama.
This hotel is very, very old, and has the plants to match. Check out some of the amazing trees that grow all over the lush grounds. There are even trees in the "island" in the pool (to the left; I couldn't get a very good picture as the pool was closed at 6:45 am).

I always think it's a good sign about a business' gardening practices when wildlife show up.
The beach is small, but peaceful and well-maintained. It was a little surreal to have my toes in the sand at 7 am and be back at work on the 10th floor at 1:30 pm.
This is the main lake at the center of the property. You can see the azaleas, irises, and huge trees with spanish moss that are prevalent here.

A close-up of one of the irises bordering the lake.

This hanging basket has everything from a fern to a rose crammed in it!
The many ferns around the property looked so healthy!

They call this "The Chef's Herb Garden," but it has a lot more than herbs in it.

There appeared to be peas growing up these obelisks. I'm not sure what the plants at the bottom are, but they have beautiful bright orange blooms.

I suppose these are self-explanatory...

Here is a beautiful bed outside the main lobby area:

Another bed that was at the base of a lightpost:

I had time to sit in this swing (one of many there) for about thirty minutes and enjoy the ocean breeze. It was so relaxing!


Daffodil Planter said...

"Selling out" has its advantages ;-) The rest of us got to share this lovely hotel with you--thanks!

Lisa Blair said...

Wow - those are some very pretty hotel gardens! Beautiful old trees. I'm impressed with the veggie garden, too.

I think the orange flowers are nasturtium flowers.

Susie said...

Gosh what a wonderful looking place. I think I'd like to go and hang out there for awhile!

Lesley said...

The plants with the orange flowers are nasturtium. You can eat the flowers - they add a spicy taste to salads.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Ginger, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a message. I see you're a cat lover too--and dog lover.

I would consider a stay at that hotel a pretty nice perk. The herb garden is so interesting. I love how they've made it both useful and beautiful. What I wouldn't give for a tree like that in my front yard;)

Dirt Princess said...

It is such a great place. We go over for brunch sometimes. I am glad you got to see it. Next time you come down we will have to go see some amazing places. Glad you enjoyed your visit

Ginger said...

Daffodil Planter- LOL - so glad others can benefit from my misfortune :)

Lisa and Lesley- thanks for ID'ing the orange flowers! They are so cute and how cool that they're edible! I am going to learn more about them!

Susie- me, too! A LOT more than 10 hours!

Roses and Lilacs- thanks for visiting my blog! I'm a 99% cat lover, but we do have a dog, too :)

Dirt Princess- I can't wait!