Sunday, April 19, 2009

Risks and rewards of the plant sale

I went to the Master Gardeners' spring plant sale on Saturday and came home with a lot of plants:

  • Four hostas, two each labeled "green early blooming" and "green late blooming"
  • Two unknown clematis
  • Mexican petunia for my mother-in-law (though she may have to grow it as an annual)
  • Three red verbena
  • Two rose campion
  • Two naked ladies
  • Two diamond frost euphorbia
  • Firecracker vine (which I had never heard of)
  • Angel trumpet (no idea what color)
  • Red flowering quince

The really awesome thing is that I got all this for $34!!! It's kind of fun having no clue what kind(s) of clematis or what color angel trumpet I now have -- but if you have a real color-coordinated kind of garden, that risk might not be worth the reward (the price)!


Dirt Princess said...

Wow you got some great plants! I love the firecracker vine. My father in law gave me one. They are great. Unknown clematis are great too....they are still clematis (which I love). I recently bought red verbena as well. I have lots of mexican petunia. It does really well for me. I had 2 angel trumpets...they didn't survive the winter. I can't wait to see them all growing :)

Susie said...

Unknown colors are always fun. I too have an Angel trumpet growing that I don't know what the color is.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

How fun and you got great deals! It'll be a fun surprise to see what flowers they are. Have fun planting!

Carla said...

ooo, new babies!!
I just LOVE new babies!!
May they grow and prosper for you:)

EB said...

Wow, what a fantastic hoard! Exciting too.

EB said...

PS I love your garden wish list thingy, I hope you won't mind if I steal the idea for my blog at some point.

Ginger said...

I stole it from Not-So-Angry-Redhead's blog without asking!! The really neat thing is that people will see it and buy or root something on it for you!