Monday, April 6, 2009

Sheets: Not just for beds and ghost costumes!

I'm a little impatient. Luckily, this year the only tender thing I planted outside before our last frost date was a bed of these bush beans:
A few weeks later, sure enough, it's going to freeze tonight! Luckily, I have a plan to protect this bed - an old sheet! (Get it? Sheet... bed...)
I also covered the young blueberry bushes with pillowcases:
There are tons of baby blueberries on these bushes. I lost a few in the covering process, but could lose a lot more if the exposed plants were subjected to frost.
I also covered some newly planted hydrangeas, just to be on the safe side, and my bed of strawberries - I didn't want to risk losing the baby berries or the profusion of blooms. Keep your fingers crossed with me!


Susie said...

Girl you know I'm feeling your pain. Your blue berry bushes do look like little ghosts dancing in the bed.

I came home from work and immediately went to the beds to cover some plants too. I hope it doesn't get as cold as they predict.

Ginger said...

Susie- I'm hoping everything will be OK as long as the frost doesn't touch the plant surfaces - surely the extra cold temperatures won't last long enough to cause more serious damage?!
Hope you and your plants stay warm!

Becca's Dirt said...

I am new to your blog and I like what I see. You have some very nice posts. Your yard looks very good. Hey my daughter lives in Byram and I was there this past weekend. Saturday you couldn't ask for better. I live in Citronelle (Mobile) AL. Glad I found your blog.

Dirt Princess said...

LOL!! My yard looked like I murdered 100 ghosts last night!!! I was calling everyone I know asking to borrow old sheets. When I called gardeners they would tell me they were using all of theirs. When I called non-gardeners they would ask why I needed old sheets!!!

I can help you with your wishlist:
I will root you my blue clematis
I have: 2 dogwoods (small), creeping phlox, crinum lilly (but I don't know what kind yet...not sure the color)

Just let me know

Sande said...

Never thought about using pillowcases - very cute, very good idea. My granddaughters would love dressing the plants for me!

Jen said...

I had fun last night. The blog is awesome.

Ginger said...

Thanks! I love meeting other southern garden bloggers - I learn so much from y'all!

D.P. - OMG I would be so excited if you would root me some of your clematis!!

Sande - Thanks for stopping by! I used pillowcases, sheets, throws --pretty much everything lightweight I could find -- I know the neighbors thought it was crazy!

Jenny - It was so awesome to see y'all. Like old times!!! Thanks again for meeting me :)