Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A tenuous connection

I try not to harp on about non-gardening subjects here at Law of the Land, but I rationalized there is some connection between gardening and this subject (eggs) - crushed eggshells make a good fertilizer, right?!

Our family has an Easter egg decorating contest every year. Here is my entry from this year:
The really dedicated egg decorators (read: me and Scott) poke a hole in each end of a real egg and blow out the contents (save the innards for scrambled eggs!). This way the decorated egg can last for years!

Here is Scott's AWESOME entry for this year: "Humpty Dumpty, before and after"
Here is my ET from about 5 years ago:
My mom is a ballroom dancer and has crazy blond hair. This is mom's autobiographical egg from a few years ago. Some people get really artistic! Here is an egg our friend Judy made at least 20 years ago that we still have. It is wrapped in embroidery thread.
Some of Scott's past eggs:
Some other past eggs (bunny cart, Jeremy; Bailey the cat, me; lamb, Penny; turtle, me):

A close-up of the lamb. This one is 15 or 20 years old. Katherine's eggs from the past couple of years. We sure missed her this year!Some people use plastic "eggs" instead. Here are one of my cousin Erin Raye's eggs and her brother Campbell's egg from this year. Campbell's is their cat, Butch:Here is Erin Raye's "Aunt on an Ant." How creative!
Here are my cousin Caleb's cute pig and dog eggs, and Penny's porcupine egg from this year.

I've never used fake eggs, but you sure couldn't do this with a real egg! Check out Dale's wiener dog! It won best overall!
Does your family have any fun Easter traditions?

UPDATE: My friends Karla and Nathan came to Easter but forgot their egg! She just e-mailed a picture of it to me after seeing this post. It's their baby, Natalia!


Heather said...

Ginger- those are fantastic! And all those silly other folks like Halloween. They must not have ever decorated an Easter egg. Humpty Dumpty before and after is my personal favorite, and your mom, the ballroom dancer. I love that you keep them.
PS- I think your blog should be about what you like! I hope anyway, mine seems to filled with chicken stuff lately. That is my current obsession, and that goes with farm doesn't it?

Susie said...

Well I have never seen such cute eggs as these! I can't believe how old some of them are.

Prospero said...

I like giraffe-egg who would probably rather be a gardener, too.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Those are so cute! What a fun tradition, we don't really have any. We did talk about doing something with Peeps next year though.

Dirt Princess said...

That is so cute!!!!! What a fun family tradition. I am glad you strayed from the norm

Ginger said...

Y'all are so nice! I'm sorry about the horrific quality of the pictures.
Scott's are always my favorite because they are always hilarious. That giraffe has about four different kinds of animal fur designs on it!