Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pay It Forward - Garden Edition

I accepted my garden blog friend Lisa's "Pay It Forward" challenge but then had a quandary - only a couple of my friends have blogs... So, here is the simplified Law of the Land version:

Be one of the first three people to comment on this post, and in the next 365 days, I will make you an awesome garden-related gift! The catch? In the next 365 days, you must "pay it forward" by making something homemade (pies? paintings? endless possibilities!) for someone else. That's it!

So, leave me a comment, and don't forget to PAY IT FORWARD! (You're on the honor system!)


Lisa Blair said...

Yay - I'm glad you decided to join in! And now I get something from you, too. I'm making something using materials from my garden. I hope it turns out okay. I have high hopes.

Cindy/Mom said...

Count me in.

Dirt Princess said...

Me too

Ginger said...

Exciting!!! I have to change one rule, though -- I know my friend Lesley is on the way over to comment, so I'll be making something for her, too. That is, I'll be paying it forward four times. The more the merrier!

Lisa - wow that sounds so interesting, can't wait!

I have a cute idea and it will be ready in the summer. Dirt Princess, I have to come down to Mobile for work every couple of months, so I will probably be able to hand-deliver yours! Cindy/Mom, I guess this means you'll be coming to visit this summer, or maybe we can make it up to Chattanooga!

Dirt Princess said...

Yeh! I am so excited! Here is the link to my back yard photos from Feb. Ofcourse it looks was February. But things are looking better day to day

Ginger said...

Dirt Princess-
What a neat idea to post monthly photos! I am even more inspired by your yard/goals/creativity knowing that you started from scratch! I'm having to do that, too. How cool that you have a whole bed from found/saved/divided plants!