Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Heather said...

Hi Ginger, Is this a Siberian Iris? I am self-admittedly an iris moron. They are really pretty so I am always drawn to them, though.

Ginger said...

Umm... I'm not sure! That is why it is conveniently posted in Wordless Wednesday! However, I was thinking Siberian Iris, so if that is what popped into both of our minds, maybe it's right!
Have a good day :)

Dirt Princess said...

Whatever it is, is sure is a beauty! flowrgirl1 could tell you

Susie said...

It looks like a Siberian iris to me. It's really pretty Ginger.

How's your hydrangea doing. Mine seems to be happy in the new home. I bet they are loving this rain.

Dirt Princess said...

Love love love the page! It looks great. I am getting bored with mine....need a change. I will do that every so often.

You and Susie need to get together and start a garden club. You probably know other gardeners that would join, then they will know people and so forth. It is so much fun! We are very laid is not stiff and by the book. Casual and fun! We have 22 members....probably 15-18 per month at meetings on average. When they started it 2 or so years ago they only had around 7 members. Let me know I can help ya'll get started

Susie said...

Great looking background Ginger. Like Dirt Princess I love changing mine. There's so much to choose from.