Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who are you, who who, who who? (I really wanna know!)

Can you help me identify this flower? It comes up next to my compost bin every year, and is always so pretty. The flowers look like a mix between agapanthus and azalea to me. The plant reminds Scott of spider lilies. Thanks!


Jan said...

Ginger, your plant looks like alstroemeria psittacina, sometimes called Peruvian lily. I have only seen pictures of them and think they are so pretty.

Always Growing

Ginger said...

Thank you, Jan! You are right! I wonder how this ended up growing in an undeveloped/unplanted part of my yard? I am going to move some of it to a bed after it blooms this year! Apparently it is REALLY easy to care for!

cindy/mom said...

I have not a clue!! We definitely don't have any in our yard!!

Ginger said...

If anyone local wants any of these, let me know and I'll dig some up for you!

cherry said...

Good morning Miss Ginger thank you for stopping by I have lots of this plant, I call it a Parrot Lily. It is very invasive but easy to control by just pulling it up I think it is beautiful.

This species, commonly known as hardy alstroemeria or parrot flower is native to northern Brazil. However, it has naturalized in Europe, the United States and Australia (PDF). Of particular concern is naturalization in Western Australia, one of the world's biodiversity hotspots. The Floridata entry on Alstroemeria psittacina warns about its invasive potential, though it also provides commentary on the plant's good qualities: drought-resistant, hummingbird-attracting, container-friendly and a long-lasting cut flower.

Have a wonderful Sunday
hugs, Cherry

Ginger said...

Thanks for the information, Cherry! I can see how it could become invasive in warm places - it has thrived and multiplied with zero care, in the shade!
It sure is pretty, though!