Thursday, March 19, 2009

Peer Pressure

Everybody's doing it... Blogging about the signs of spring in their gardens, that is! Here are fifteen in my yard:
White pom-pom mums. These were originally centerpieces at our pre-wedding brunch two years ago. They bloom on and off from early summer through late fall.
Peruvian lily/parrot lily/parrot flower (as identified by Jan and Cherry in a recent post). My offer still stands that if anyone wants some of this, I'd be happy to share!

Mexican petunia.
Bearded Iris.
Shasta daisy.
Purple coneflower.
Black-eyed susans.
Butterfly bush.
Orange asiatic lilies.


Susie said...

Ginger, you have so many nice looking plants coming up. Yours seem to be so much farther along than mine. My amaryllis is just barely peeking above ground but then I did just plant them in the fall.

Now my crocosmia has come back beautifully and of course it brought back all it's brother and sisters!

Ginger said...

Susie - the bottom two leaves of the amaryllis are from last year. It just shot up the two interior leaves this winter/spring. It didn't bloom the first year but I'm hopeful this healthy-looking growth is a harbinger of blooms to come this year!

Ah, crocosmia. I ripped a bunch out in the fall and threw it in the back 40 of the yard where we pile up branches and such. It's THRIVING and it's not even rooted in the ground!!

Cindy/mom said...

I/m impressed that you can identify all of these plants at this point in their growth! I'm impressed!

Dirt Princess said...

How exciting! We have a lot of the same plants. Can't wait to see how they all do!