Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seedy? Nah, just cheap!

Garden Trails sells Botanical Interests and Seeds of Change seeds with free shipping. I ordered a $1.79 package of Black Krim tomato seeds. They spent $0.83 to mail them to me, in a padded mailer made from recycled paper. The whole transaction was so professional, even though they surely only profited pennies. I really like Botanical Interests seeds, and I'll definitely be heading back to Garden Trails when I need (ok, want) some more!


Susie said...

Well I have to go and check them out. Sounds great!

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

How fun! I also love Botanical Interest seeds. I got an order from them (donation went to a local school) just yesterday. I think I'll still order from Botanical Interests directly though because of the donation they make.

Ginger said...

NotSoAngryRedHead- Yeah, that donation is pretty awesome! I don't mind paying $3+ for flat rate shipping if I'm ordering a few packets of seeds, but I couldn't bear it on an order of $1.79!